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breast warmers

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Breast warmers with membrane bag of medinaris®

The chest warmer composed of:

  • 1 x breast warmers with membrane bag
  • 2 x deposits

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Product Description

The breast warmers from medinaris®

Colds or bronchitis?
By storing the body heat in the chest area and the possibility of simultaneous inhalation of essential vapors of breast warmers used on gentle and natural ingredients to alleviate the discomfort and to speed up the healing process.

The chest warmer composed of:
1 x breast warmers with membrane bag
2 x deposits

The chest heater is mounted by means of a Velcro fastener on the upper chest. He does not slip, the child can move freely. The breast warmers can play during the day when sleep at night or when, on or be worn under clothing.

Inhalation additionally promotes the healing process.
Place the insert with an ethereal substance provided in the membrane bag. The ethereal vapors rise due to the body heat up slowly and help the child to a free breathing. The membrane bag prevents the moisture of the ethereal substance gets on skin.

Should the child from neurodermatitis or an asthmatic disease suffer any essential substances may be used, because the vapors can amplify the disease.

The large bag is designed for wrapping.
There may be additional emit heat media such as Kirschkernkissen, Thermokompresse or with e.g. Curd or mashed potatoes smeared cloth are put into it.

Care instructions:
Breast warmers and deposits can be washed at 40 ° C.

Breast warmers: 100% PES
Membrane bag: 84% PES 16% PU
Filler: 85% VI 15% PP
Velcro: 100% PA
Band: 70% PES 20% EL 10% PA

Please select the appropriate size.

Additional Information

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0-1 Jahre, 1-6 Jahre, 6-10 Jahre

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