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Ears winding-healing cap

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Ears winding-healing cap

  • The ears winding-healing cap is used for relief of earaches,
  • supports gently the healing process,
  • shortens the duration of illness and
  • helps to improve the general condition.
  • Whether bulb or chamomile wrap if only dry or wet whether hot or cold – it is firmly seated on the head and does not slip.

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Product Description

Ears winding-healing cap | medinaris®

The ears winding-healing cap of medinaris®

Healing cap is composed of:

  • 1 x Hat
  • 2 x hot and cold compress Smiley
  • 2 x membrane bags


How does the ear wound healing cap?

  • The healing cap is pulled over the head, the ears are completely covered.
  • The compresses can be heated or cooled in the pockets of the healing cap plugged. (Not directly on the ears)
  • In the membrane pockets suitable additives put in as Chopped onion or chamomile tea bags … and be stuck in the healing cap.
    Onion Wrap:

cut onion small, stuck in the membrane pocket and place it on the affected ear. Tip: A few drops of lavender oil driving out the unpleasant smell of the onion and have a calming effect.


Chamomile Wrap:

brew chamomile tea bags in very little water, squeeze teabags something stuck in the membrane bag, cool to pleasant warmth and place on the affected ear.



For earache the cause must always be clarified by a doctor. Your doctor can advise which of the winding ways of healing are meaningful. The ears winding-healing cap should always be worn as long as the patient finds them pleasant. Winding should not be used in fever!

Instructions for cold-warm compress


Cold application:

Compress place for min. 2 hours in the refrigerator.


Warm application:
Laying compress for about 5 minutes in 50 ° C warm water or 5 seconds at max. 650 Watt heat in the microwave.
Do not freeze or boil! Gel is non-toxic. If skin or eye contact simply wash with plenty of water.


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